What Are Bioactives?

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Bioactives are natural compounds that are biologically active in the body. Bioactives from medicinal plants have the potential to improve health in ways that go beyond what ordinary vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements can offer. This is borne out in an ever-growing body of research. Independent scientists around the world have confirmed that a substantial number of bioactives provide verifiable health benefits without harmful side effects.

Anti-inflammatory bioactives from medicinal plants

  • Natural products have long been a thriving source for the discovery of new drugs because of their chemical diversity. With increased use of herbal remedies, traditionally used medicinal plants are receiving increased attention from scientific and pharmaceutical communities. The newer work on medicinal plants is mostly the rediscovery of traditional effects at cellular and molecular levels. Development of standardized, safe and effective herbal formulations as multi-target therapeutics and prophylaxis could be a tenable approach for the future. Hundreds of…

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