A Quest For God’s Purpose part 2

Day 9


No reading today! Ask God to put something important in your heart to care about.

As I go to church for choir practice and prayer.

Day 10

Purpose Clue # 6 My purpose makes others praise God too!

King Solomon cared a lot about worshipping God. Because he cared about worshipping God so much, He spent a lot of time and money to build an amazing temple for God. When he did that, people had a real building they could visit just to worship God. Solomon didn’t hold back, when he really cared about worship. What he cared about brought a lot of glory to God and helped other people praise God . What you care about can help others praise God, too!

Tell Someone: What do you care about that will help others praise God?

2 Chronicles 7:11-12

11. Thus Solomon finished the house of the Lord, and the king’s house: and all that came into Solomon’s heart to make in the house of the Lord, and in his own house, he prosperously effected.

12. And the Lord appeared to Solomon by night, and said unto him, I have hear thy prayer, and have chosen this place to myself for an house of sacrifice.

Day 11

No reading today.

Day 12
Purpose Clue #7: Knowing God’s word reminds me of my purpose.

The Bible tells you to hide God’s words in your heart. When you do that, your heart will know what is true and good. The Holy Spirit uses the Bible verses you know to teach you and help you bring God glory. Play the Sticky Note Mix-Up Game to remember that your whole heart’s purpose is to praise God!

Sticky Note Mix-Up Game:
1. Ask if you can have some sticky notes and a pencil.
2. Write each word of the memory verse on sticky notes. Only put one word on each sticky note!
3. Mix up the sticky notes and try to put the words in order.

Tell Someone: Can you say the whole verse without any help yet?
Psalms 103:1

Day 13
Purpose Clue #8: God teaches me about my purpose.

You can figure out something you care about. But how do you figure out what to do about it? You have to fear God. That doesn’t mean you are scared and afraid. It means you really trust Him, respect Him, and know He is super powerful. If you fear God, He promises to teach you! He will teach you when you pray to Him. He will teach you when you read your Bible. He will even teach you when you talk to other people that love Him. You can trust God to show you how to make a difference. He will show you the way to use what you care about to bring praise and glory to His name!

Tell Someone: What do you want God to teach you about your purpose?
Psalms 25:12

Day 14
Purpose Clue #9: My purpose is made from every part of my life.

God uses everything in your life and doesn’t leave anything out when He makes plans for you. The good things and the bad things help you do the work He wants you to do. Think about Jesus. A bad thing happened to Him: He died on the cross. But then a good thing happened; three days later, He was alive again! He fought sin and won. God made every part of His story come together for good. Now Jesus brings God glory every day because He saves you from sin, makes you right with God, and helps you. All you have to do is ask Him to. If any part of Jesus’ story was left out, it would not be good for anybody! Every part of your story matters, too.

Tell Someone: Think of something that has happened to you. How can God use it to bring glory to His name?
Romans 8:28

Day 15
No reading today.

Day 16
Give thanks to God for all you have. Do not ask for anything for yourself, but only give thanks.

Day 17
Purpose clue #10: My purpose helps others.

God will use everything in your life to help others. Think about Joseph. Bad things happened in his life. His brothers hurt him and sold him to Egypt. Joseph thought being in Egypt was bad, but it turned out to be good. He helped many people because he was in Egypt. God let the bad things happen because God knew that Joseph needed to be in Egypt to save food for everyone and keep them alive. God used every part of Joseph’s life to save other people.

Watch: Bible Theater: Genesis – Joseph Forgives His Brothers

Tell Someone: How has God used you to help others?
Genesis 45:3-8

Day 18
Purpose Clue #11: God’s word heals my heart so I can do my purpose.

When bad things happen, your heart might get sad. Your heart might get angry. Your heart might even be hurt. But God can help your heart get better if you read the Bible. Remember what it says, and let God heal your heart. Then you will be able to help others when bad things happen to them. Play the Bible Verse Bandage game so you have a good Bible verse in your heart to make it feel better!

Bible Verse Bandage Game
1. Ask if you can have some sticky bandages and a pen.
2. Write Romans 8:28 on a sticky bandage. If it doesn’t fit, use two.
3. Put the sticky bandage on you.
4. Every time you look at it, read your memory verse.

Tell Someone: Can you say the whole verse without any help yet?

Day 19
Purpose Clue #12: God will make the path to my purpose straight!

Things just don’t always make sense. Sometimes it is easy to make the right choice. Your path looks straight. But sometimes you don’t even know what the right choice is! It’s like you are on a path that is crooked and crazy! That’s when you need help. Ask God, and He will tell you what to do. He will show you the way to bring glory to His name. He will make that crazy, crooked path straight just for you!

Tell Someone: Talk about a time when you didn’t know what to do. How did you figure it out?
Proverbs 3:5-6

Day 20
Purpose Clue #13: I will do my purpose when I trust God

God wants you to trust Him enough to do what He says. Sometimes it is easy to obey God. Sometimes it is hard. But every time you choose to obey Him, the bad part of you that wants to sin gets smaller. The good part of you that brings glory to God gets bigger. You will be able to share God’s love and help others a whole lot when you allow God to become bigger in your life!

Tell Someone: When should you trust God?
John 3:30

Day 21
Prayer day and trust in God’s Word.

Day 22
Purpose Clue #14: When I do my purpose, it makes a path for Jesus.

John the Baptist understood that his purpose was about bringing God glory. He didn’t care if people forgot about him and only thought about Jesus. Everything he did prepared a way for Jesus to come and save people from their sins. Your purpose is like that, too. When you do your purpose for God, it prepares a road for Jesus to save others from their sin.

Watch: Bible Theater: Matthew – Baptism of Jesus

Tell Someone: What can you do to make others think about Jesus instead of you?
Matthew 3:1-4

Day 23
Purpose Clue #15: When I hide God’s word in my heart, God grows bigger in my life.

The Bible tells you to hide God’s words in your heart. When you do that, your heart will know what is true and good. The Holy Spirit uses the Bible verses you know to teach you and help you bring God glory. Play the God’s Word is Greater game to help you hide God’s truth from John 3:30 in your heart. You can remember to obey God more everyday so He can be bigger in your life!

God’s Word is Greater Game
1. Ask for a balloon and a permanent marker.
2. Write John 3:30 on the balloon with a permanent marker. You can use more than one balloon if it doesn’t fit.
3. Blow up the balloon. God’s Bible verse gets bigger!

Tell Someone: Can you say the whole verse without any help yet?
John 3:30

Day 24
Purpose Clue #16: When I listen to God, my brain will change and He will show me my purpose!

When you were a little kid, you didn’t know how to listen to God yet. You did whatever you wanted to do. You made a lot of bad choices. Now that you are older, you can choose to listen to God. If you choose to listen to God, your brain changes and you start wanting to do what He says. It isn’t always easy, but you will be so happy if you choose to obey God everyday and bring Him glory in everything you do. Choose His way. Let Him change your mind to be like Jesus. Let Him show you the amazing purpose He has for you!

GOOD JOB! You read your Bible 16 times in this reading plan! Tell someone how your brain is different now!

Romans 12:2 KJV

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.