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Guns, guns, guns

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For many years now people across the country and world have done what ever was necessary to protect one’s family. However, in the United States we are being told by our President and other gun activists that our families  and friends mean nothing. We have know right to own any guns of any sort. There are those who own guns, that hunt for their food daily, while other just like to collect different guns with know real need to fire them. Now there are those who like to join a shooting club for that weekend competition. Last but not lease there is home defense.

Government reason why no one should own guns: 

1) The 2nd Amendment is “outdated” and no longer relevant in today’s modern society.

2) We do not want to stop you from “defending yourself”, or interfere with the American tradition of hunting, but people do not need “military assault weapons” for either.

3) Your claimed freedom to own guns should not supersede my freedom to live without fear of guns.  We exist in a society, and our society requires us to give up certain freedoms so that it can function.

Again, in response to these arguments, I have to ask, what does the 2nd Amendment mean for the future?  What was its original intent?  Gun control advocates would like to ignore the fact that the Constitution specifically protects a broad application of gun ownership, but when they cannot deny the legality of it, they instead turn to more abstract and existential methods of attack.  They try to twist the original intent of the 2nd Amendment to further their goals.  To respond briefly to each of the above fallacies:   Submitted by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market blog,

During the debates on the adoption of the Constitution, its opponents repeatedly charged that the Constitution as drafted would open the way to tyranny by the central government. Fresh in their minds was the memory of the British violation of civil rights before and during the Revolution. They demanded a “bill of rights” that would spell out the immunities of individual citizens. Several state conventions in their formal ratification of the Constitution asked for such amendments; others ratified the Constitution with the understanding that the amendments would be offered.

On September 25, 1789, the First Congress of the United States therefore proposed to the state legislatures 12 amendments to the Constitution that met arguments most frequently advanced against it. The first two proposed amendments, which concerned the number of constituents for each Representative and the compensation of Congressmen, were not ratified. Articles 3 to 12, however, ratified by three-fourths of the state legislatures, constitute the first 10 amendments of the Constitution, known as the Bill of Rights.

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If you must wait for the police to arrive to your home or where ever you may be it could be to late. Many times when the police are called the operator ask so many questions while hearing you die in the process. However, with that said these new laws the government want to put in place only hurts law-binding citizens. The criminal could care less about the law. The tighter the government makes things for ever one else the better they make things easy for the criminals.

Here are some states who are finding out gun control is not working.

Massachusetts has a national reputation as a bastion of gun control, but crimes and injuries related to firearms have risen — sometimes dramatically — since the state passed a comprehensive package of gun laws in 1998. Murders committed with firearms have increased significantly, aggravated assaults and robberies involving guns have risen, and gunshot injuries are up, according to FBI and state data.

As of this date Our Congress still has not come up with a way for people to protect our families as of yet. Yesterday (Easter Day) according to CNN there still a fight going no where. The bottom line is this 100 people a day are killed by guns and know one cares because it’s not 30 or more White kids. Okay I know I just pissed off some people however, if this happens in say a all black , Spanish, or any other group of people this would have blown over one week later. We are now four months in and still talking about Sandy Hook, instead of talking about how to enforce the laws we already have.

Gun Owners as a Percentage of Each State’s Population as of January 2012

States with Extremely High Populations of Gun Owners

      (more than 50%)
  • 1. Wyoming – 59.7%
  • 2. Alaska – 57.8%
  • 3. Montana – 57.7%
  • 4. South Dakota – 56.6%
  • 5. West Virginia – 55.4%
  • 6. Mississippi – 55.3%
  • 6. Idaho – 55.3%
  • 6. Arkansas – 55.3%
  • 9. Alabama – 51.7%
  • 10. North Dakota – 50.7%
  • States with High Populations of Gun Owners
    • 11. Kentucky – 47.7%
    • 12. Wisconsin – 44.4% (Battleground state. See Wisconsin in 2012 Elections.)
    • 13. Louisiana – 44.1%
    • 14. Utah – 43.9%
    • 14. Tennessee – 43.9%
    • 16. Oklahoma – 42.9%
    • 16. Iowa – 42.9% (Battleground state. See Iowa in 2012 Elections.)
    • 18. South Carolina – 42.3%
    • 19. Kansas – 42.1%
    • 20. Vermont – 42.0%
    • 21. Missouri – 41.7% (Battleground state. See Missouri in 2012 Elections.)
    • 21. Minnesota – 41.7%

      States with Median Populations of Gun Owners

      States with Below Median Populations of Gun Owners

      • 40. Delaware – 25.5%
      • 41. Florida – 24.5% (Battleground state. See Florida in 2012 Elections.)
      • 42. California – 21.3%
      • 42. Maryland – 21.3%
      • 44. Illinois – 20.2%
      • 45. New York – 18%
      • 46. Connecticut – 16.7%
      • 47. Rhode Island – 12.8%
      • 48. Massachusetts – 12.6%
      • 49. New Jersey – 12.3%
      • 50. Hawaii – 6.7%

      Source –

      HOMELAND SECURITY ...item 3.. FSU - Emails sho...

      HOMELAND SECURITY …item 3.. FSU – Emails show support for Stand Your Ground (May 31, 2012) …item 4.. Bradley offers several names when arrested (Jun 21, 2012) … (Photo credit: marsmet471)

      According to CNN 4 different states, that is (counties) within the state may have mandatory shotgun laws put on the books because these counties only have one police officer.

      Georgia town mulls mandatory gun ownership

      A small Georgia town may soon require every household to own a firearm – a law that, if passed, would make it the second town in the state to mandate gun ownership. City council members in Nelson, a town of 1,300 people north of Atlanta, unanimously approved the proposal at a meeting this week. Citizens now have a chance to review the proposal before the council takes it up again in April.

      See full Story here
      She's Sweet, She's Packin'

      She’s Sweet, She’s Packin’ (Photo credit: cobalt123)

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Tuesday that a proposed ban on semi-automatic firearms modeled after military assault weapons has no chance of passing the chamber, but he wants to ensure a vote on it will take place.

In the end analysis we the people must enforce the law, cause if we wait for congress and the senate to do right by the people it is always to late.

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