Are you living or are you slowly killing yourself?

it's sad to watch kids struggle to play becaus...

it’s sad to watch kids struggle to play because they’re so obese (Photo credit: Malingering)

Are you living or are you slowing killing yourself? 2007 July 4 10:45 am, my back went out in my shower. My oldest son came and got me, called an ambulance that took me to the VA. Once there I had a heart attack and Stroke simultaneously. A few days later my doctor told me why my back went out, as well that part of the reason for the heart attack and stroke, I was 150 lb overweight and that I needed to lose this weight now. Or the next heart attack would kill me. I lose the 150 lb because I wanted to living.


According to CDC 2012 update during the past 20 years , there has been a dramatic increase in overweight and obesity in just the United States and the rates remain high.

I.                   Adults

  • More than 1/3 of U.S. adults 35.7% are obese CDC
  • More than 2/3 of U.S. adults 69% are overweight  American Heart/Stroke Association

II.               Children


Ø  Approximately 17% (or 12.5 million) of children and adolescents aged 2—19 years are obese. CDC

  • Approximately  32.1% of all boys- 31.3% of all girls 2-19 Overweight  American Heart/Stroke Association

III.           Causes

Heart Attack

Heart Attack (Photo credit: capn madd matt)


  • Behavior, environment, and genetic factors may have an effect in causing people to be overweight and obese.
  • Over eating healthy food and junk food
  • Sitting on couch playing xbox, watching TV
  • Lack of exercise

IV.            Consequences


The Heart and Stroke Foundation logo.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

V.                Cost

2008 CDC, 2012 Census Bureau, 2013 American Heart/Stroke Association $147 million adding 3.2 % for inflation by the end of this year it will cost $470 million just in medical cost not including death. There are better things to spend your money on.



Are you living or are you slowing killing yourself. If you do nothing in the end you will end up dead! If you don’t push yourself away from that table no matter if you are eating health or not you will slowly kill yourself. Leave the junk food alone. Get off that couch, leave the video game, TV and go for a walk. If not, you will slowly kill yourself. It’s your life, however, I would hate to have to your funeral because you refuse to stop killing yourself. That is why I invite you to a 90 day Fit Challenge enter you could win a trip to Yellowstone National park or an IPad and many other prizes.

You’re just 90 days away from a fitter, healthier, and happier you.


What is the Fit Challenge?
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Submit Photos
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Also please watch this video to learn more about your body. You have one life please live it to it’s fullest.


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