Building on our foundation: A worldwide update from Kelly Olsen

Morinda Partners,

I have been looking forward to continuing a long tradition first established by me in 1996: The tradition of writing “updates” to the field in a way to communicate news, impressions, vision and strategy.

I began writing regularly to the field in 1996 in an effort to unite everyone with information that was so critical to our business as our company was exploding with growth. In those days, email was not generally used; the internet did not exist in the way it does today, so my chosen method of communication was to create a “Fax Club”.  Everyone was invited to send me their home or office fax number, and I in turn entered these manually into my auto-dial program.

In the early days, I would send an update out each day. At the end of every day, I would record the important news from that day and then begin my program on my home computer.  The program would dial every fax number automatically and send my update to every fax machine on the list. Eventually, this process took longer than 2 days in order to dial and send this update to every fax number I had collected.

I love those days. Information was electric. Our growth was amazing. Checks were growing, and success was everywhere. There was a “Sense of Impending Greatness.” We all felt it.

Soon the “Fax Club” gave way to better technology, and I began to send my updates out by email. The demands of the business forced me to limit my updates to once each month. From 1998 to 2008, I sent an email update to the field each month. I rarely missed a month. I considered it a great honor and responsibility to communicate directly to each IPC; like I was sitting in a room with them, talking one-on-one.

I saved every one of those updates. In fact, I still have them. Every one of them. As I read them, I can see the history of the company chronicled and reported in detail, and with a very unique perspective. I treasure these documents. Perhaps someday I’ll have them published together, but not yet. Why? The reason is simple: The story of Morinda is not yet complete!

A business strategy is like a blue print that an architect produces and a builder uses to create a magnificent structure, where none existed before. A strategy begins with an idea, or vision of what we want to create: How big, how strong, how timeless, how important, and so forth. This idea gives way to a basic design. The design captures vision and creativity and personality and functionality. The design creates energy and excitement because this design is the first physical evidence of the vision of the developer. Our eyes regard the design and become energized at the thought of its eventual creation.

Once the design is finalized, the real work begins. Detailed drawings, renderings and descriptions of every aspect of the building must be produced: Every fixture, wall, joint, angle, surface, room, nail, nut and bolt. Details of window facings, moldings, cabinets, floor and wall coverings, interior and exterior materials. Every detail is known before one nail is put in place.

The construction follows a very methodical approach, from the ground up. The ground is prepared and stabilized, footings are poured in strategic places in order to support the foundation and the weight of the building, and the foundation is then poured and constructed.

Every builder knows that attention given to the footings and foundation will determine the quality of the building. Amateurs get impressed with the beauty of the building itself, but professional builders look beneath the surface and form their opinion on the strength of the foundation.

Properly constructed, the foundation will bear the weight of the building forever. It will allow the beautiful design of the building to fully take shape. The walls go up, the roof caps the building and the finish work begins. Finish carpenters, masons and other craftsmen put the finishing touches to the building . At last, we can see in 3 dimensions the vision of the architect.

How does this relate to Morinda? Here we are in January, 2013, nearly 17 years after our beginning in 1996. We have forged the tools, materials, experiences and skills in these past 17 years to allow us now to envision a new and even grander vision. I want you to think of this in two distinct parts:

1996 Part I:  1996 thru 2012. This was the time of our founding, our initial vision and our growing together. This was a time of discovery, development and maturing. This was a time of spreading our worldwide reach to the 4 corners of the world. This was a time of establishing ourselves as a household word and our credentials as a world class company. This was a time of helping thousands of people worldwide earn billions of dollars and become financially independent. It was a time of helping millions of people worldwide discover how great it feels to drink Tahitian Noni every day.

1996 Part II: Beginning January 2013. This will be a time of strengthening our core and enlarging our vision. It will usher in a time of expanding our horizons. Finally discovering our destiny and communicating this destiny in the most powerful of ways to the entire world. It will be a time of expanding business, building on the footprint created in Part I and filling in all the “white space” on the map until our products are available in every household in every city in the world. We will usher in a time of anchoring our business in a focused, powerful cause: One message that unites every heart, and every business. This focus will make us powerful, like it did in 1996, but more. Much more.

Our strategy is taking shape. We have the design. We are now pouring the footings and laying the foundation. The foundation of this grand new vision for Morinda is constructed of 5 key elements:

  1. One Key Message to unite us, energize us, inspire us and drive our business.
  2. One System to take that message and create a crystal clear path to business success, in other words, income.  This system will be based on a very clear “entry level income”.
  3. New bold ideas that will lead to greater income, larger organizations and stronger businesses.
  4. Expansion into every area that we are currently not strong.
  5. Vision, Belief and Leadership to make this all happen.

Please look for upcoming updates from me to give you more and more detail of these elemental issues. In my next update, I will introduce to you our “Destiny Message” and how it came to be. As a way to prepare to fully receive this message, I invite you to visit a new website we have just developed and opened:

The “Spirit of ‘96” lives, and that spirit is driving us today. We are carefully laying the foundation for a new era of Morinda Greatness. I want to personally invite you to be with us, heart and soul, as we go forward.

Very best wishes.

Your friend and partner,
Kelly Olsen