Adding a New Product Line

Okay I have been away for almost two months, with school and business I have been so busy. At any rate I am back. Back with a new product line. Have you hear of Grace Adele? Well if not ladies do I have a gift for you- check out  Now sorry I have not incorporated this website into my main website however, you can still reach me any time before 10:00 p.m. (2200) six days a week. At this time I’m looking for some ladies or gentlemen who are looking to start there own business. down below you find a list of businesses with a start-up cost between $199.00 to $500.00. Most people have always wanted to start a business however, money or know-how with each business there is training to get you on your way.

Grace Adele

Benefits of Joining

When you shop Grace Adele, you can design your perfect look. When you join Grace Adele, you can design your perfect opportunity.

Are you looking for a little extra shopping money each month? Or a chance to replace the 9-to-5 grind with a flexible and rewarding career built on your own terms? Are you ready to pore over pretty catalogs, shop with your friends, and call it “work”? Whatever your goals, Grace Adele can help you reach them. And whether you’re a full-fledged fashionista or someone who just appreciates good style and wants to learn more, you’ve got the right stuff to build a Grace Adele business.

Read on to discover how easy it is to get started, and to learn more about Grace Adele and how the opportunity can change your life.

Startup is $199.00

Morinda Bioactives Thrive Adaptogenics

Earn Income Improving Health.

Whether you are looking to change the world for the better, boost confidence in your retirement prospects or find better health, partnering with Morinda Bioactives can help you get there.

IPC Business Builder

Enjoy all of the rewards of building a business with Morinda.



  • Best pricing
  • Unlimited income
  • Shine recognition program
  • Exclusive business pack available
  • MyMorinda Account
  • Trips and More
  • How would you like to get started?

    Join Morinda Bioactives today in promoting health solutions that everyone needs, but that no other company offers. Best of all, you can make this opportunity what you want it to be. From a customer getting the best possible pricing on products that solve many of today’s biggest problems, to earning a little extra income each month, to a full-time, profitable business, your options are always open. Simply click on the option that’s best for you.

  • Getting started $299.00 to $500.00

Alfina’s Place


Monday and Wednesday 5:00 (1700) to 9:00(2100)

Tuesday and Thursday 2:30 (1430) to 9:30(2130)

Friday- Sunday 1100 to 9:00(2100) you may call