Three Morinda Classics for your next order

Tahitian Noni - bottles

Tahitian Noni – bottles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


If Morinda was a Broadway show, Thrive Max would have all the star power. It grabs the headlines, and makesthe people swoon. But did you know Morinda features a stable of stupendous products you can use every day? It’s true!  And even though they might not be in the limelight all the time, this supporting cast deserves a good look the next time you place an order.

Here are three of our favorite products. Remember, you can view all of Morinda’s products, from Fit to Defy to Tahitian Noni classics, all on




Hiro Energy

Hiro Energy is the Bioactive answer to sugary, crash-and-burn energy drinks that dominate the market and crash the airwaves. Hiro Energy is powered by noni, the original bioactive. Get a natural boost with B Vitamins, Guarana, and taurine, and drink with confidence knowing each can only has 10 calories.

Skin Supplement™ Lotion w/ SPF 30

Don’t think for one second that just because it’s cold outside you can’t get a sunburn. And living through these dry wintery months means your skin needs some help to stay firm and healthy. So kill two birds with one stone and give our Skin Supplement a try. It uses noni to ensure your skin gets moisturized and fortified, and the SPF 30 means you won’t get burned when you least suspect it.

Morinda Hair Care

Go take a look inside your shower right now. What do you see? If it’s anything but Morinda shampoos and conditioners, then you’re not doing your hair any favors. Our hair care line harnesses the power of bioactives to give your hair strength, sheen, volume and fullness. Replace your cheap-o stuff with the real deal, and thank us later.

We at Morinda Bioactives go to every painstaking length to offer you the very best products to meet your needs. You can be sure that when you use Morinda products, you’re using the very best. What are your favorites? We’d love to hear about the products you love in the comments section below. However, in the mean time join our large and growing family click here