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Here is my story and those of others. Why take medications that can hurt you when there are other ways.


Alfina Hopkins-Wasnuk

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About Me                                                            
I’m a widow and a mother of two, fine young men. I am retired from the U.S. Army and attended Texas A&M as a Business and Finance/Accounting major. My sons and I own Alfina’s Place, Inc; a designer fashion, bath and body business. Oh, and did I mention, we are Bioactivists!

My Story

In 2010, my friend, Lillie Nelson, introduced me to the products after I had been released from the hospital. I had sustained a heart attack and a stroke due to the serious injuries I had suffered to my back from military service. At the time I was not able walk or bend over to do the simplest things It was difficult to even tie my own shoes. My vision was also adversely affected and at the time, I was having to take 63 prescription pills. Unfortunately, they were not helping at all.

Taking Morinda Bioactives has given me my life back. By using these products as well as continuing to live a healthier lifestyle, I’ve noticed a decrease in my back and heart problems. My headaches and my eyesight haven’t caused me as much stress as before. This was all happening while I was drinking the Thrive Family and the Thrive Original. But, when the Max was introduced in April of 2012, I was so excited to see how my health would improve even further. My conditions improved even more than before when using Max and my energy levels really had no measure! Most importantly, by using Max and changing my lifestyle habits, my doctor says I am not required to take any more pills for the moment. Thank you Morinda Bioactives.


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Arnie Ross…Mr bioactive…. Almost 80 years young… Look what Morinda Bioactives can do. In 2002 Arnie was told he had a brain tumor. One day after a game of golf he had a seizure and his wife got him to the hospital. After receiving the bad new that if he doesn’t have an operation he would die, so he schedule the surgery. However, faith would step in, a young man ask if he had ever heard of Tahitian Noni before, he said no and was invited to a meeting. At the time his health was going down hill and fast. Not remembering his wife’s name, and other simple things. His wife took him to the meeting where he learn about the product and health benefits. He signed up and began drinking 3 to 6 oz a day for the next 7 months before his surgery. Upon arriving to the hospital for the surgery they did another MRI scan this time they gone not find the tumor that was causing his problem. They came back downstairs to tell him the good news. Arnie we can find any signs of the tumor you do not need surgery now and we will see you in a few months for another check up. Arnie has never had another health problem since 2002. He is almost 80 years young, still scuba dives and plays golf all thanks to one young man who stop him and showed him another way to help himself.



Mychael Perry

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         About MeI turn 61 soon and I feel great. I am so much happier in my life and I owe it all to Morinda Bioactives as well as positive thinking. I have three children and three grandchildren. I love life and people; especially my wife.
Morinda Bioactives has helped changed my life so much. I would definitely recommend it and its products to everyone.

I dropped out of school at 14 years old and and started working full time. I felt I had to get out in the world and make some money. Yes I was a little wild and not a very good student as school was boring to me. I remember a teacher clipping me up the back of the head and saying, “Mychael, change your ways and your whole life will change!” That went over my head until I was in my 50’s. Now, I feel like I’m 16 again and taking everything I experience in and learning from others each day. I am so happy that I have stepped outside that comfort zone and have improved my lifestyle. I have played sports most of my life–from rugby to golf and even tennis.

My Story

I was introduced to Morinda Bioactives about 12 years ago by a chap named Bob Kerr. At first, I said no and that I was not interested in that sort of thing. But, what he presented to me about Morinda always stuck in my mind. Now, I can do nothing but thank him.
About one year after Bob spoke with me, another person asked me if I had heard of Morinda. From that point on, I went from thinking negatively about the company and its products, to thinking positively about it. I started using the Thrive Original beverage and since then, I have had just one cold in ten years. My blood pressure and cholesterol levels are like those of a 27 year old. The feedback I have had by introducing others to the products nearly brings tears to my eyes and makes me so proud of the product. I’ve now taken it to the next level by introducing Max to others and using it myself. I have been on Max and feel even better and more active than before. Before, I felt like my knee was on its last leg. But, now I feel like I can go play golf again without any worries.And by George, I’m going to do it! Morinda Bioactives and my line of positive thinking hand and are the two most important things in my life. They give me such a high quality of life. Get the product and nothing can stop you.




Venus Escumbise

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About MeI am a married, working mother of two teenagers. I have worked in the health care field for over 28 years.

My Story

I was introduced to Morinda Bioactives close to six years ago through my association with the M.A.D. Team. Let me list how this company and its products have changed my life:

-Because I drink our Thrive Extra beverage every day, I was able to improve my overall health and come off of several prescription medications.

-Since the introduction of the FIT Body Composition System, I have been able to lose 40 pounds of body fat and six dress sizes. I am now working out at a gym and feel better in my 50’s than I did in my 30’s!

-Since I have replaced all of my expensive/ineffective facial products with Morinda’s DEFY Biotopicals, people keep asking me if I am “using a different make-up,” or asking “why I don’t have any wrinkles at my age!”

-My diabetic husband has also been able to eliminate several, long-standing prescription medications. He now has more energy than ever before and is beginning to lose weight (something that is difficult for diabetic patients to do).

-My daughter and son have used and had great success with the FIT Cleanse pack and probiotic supplements.

-My piano-playing mother has indefinitely postponed knee replacement surgery because the Thrive Extra helped her manage the discomfort and pain that she sometimes experiences.

-Another close family member who has Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome has lost 40 pounds of fat by using the FIT products and drinking the Thrive Original.

-I have been able to recommend a healthy, natural alternative to prescription drugs to a countless number of people because I attended the International Iridoid Research Symposium.

-I have been able to enjoy lavish dream vacations to places like Thailand and Paradise Island thanks to Morinda’s business opportunity. These vacations are some which I could have never afforded before joining the company.

-The monthly residual checks that Morinda Bioactives provides for my family has supplemented and increased our family’s income despite job situations and restructuring.

-I’ve met people I wouldn’t have met and been places I wouldn’t have been if it wasn’t for Morinda. This company has enabled me to help myself, all while helping others. Needless to say, Morinda Bioactives has transformed my life!


Autumn Barnes

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About MeI absolutely love taking pictures, traveling, skating, dancing, eating, being around my family and most definitely being apart of the Morinda Bioactives family!

My Story

When I was 5 years old, my dad was introduced to the Tahitian Noni juice. At that time, I suffered with one of the worst cases of Eczema. I began to drink the juice and within 7 days, I felt I had some major improvement in my health.This company, now Morinda Bioactives, is my life. It is my family. It is my home! I can not imagine being anywhere else… I am not going anywhere else! I have traveled to Hawaii four different times, visited Monaco, France, California, and Las Vegas to name a few places. Oh and yes, I can’t foget about that AWESOME Caribbean cruise! What other company can provide this for a teenager? Morinda Bioactives… YOU ROCK! Next year I’ll be 18 years old so WATCH OUT!


Paula Moore

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About MeI love sharing and helping other people. I love sharing and introducing people to Morinda Bioactives!

My Story

In January 2012, Cim Carver gave a presentation in Phoenix that literally changed my life physically, mentally, and financially.

He urged all of us in attendance to come to ILC in Salt Lake City that year. If we had to walk, crawl, whatever it was; he said we needed to be there! It would have a huge impact on our lives. I took Cim up on his challenge, and needless to say, he was right!

I have known and valued Morinda Bioactives for many years. I have used and benefited from the products and know that no other products compare. Morinda is the “Rolls Royce of companies”. Because of its indisputable benefits, I have always shared with anyone who would listen that Morinda is THE company to be with. This has always been the case, even if I haven’t always been an active distributor

Let me rewind:

To tell my whole story, I must go back to March 2002 when my family discovered and started benefiting from Morinda products and its compensation plan.

My family used to buy HUGE bottles of Advil and antihistamines; but continued to have the same problems we were taking the pills for. Not to mention, we were experiencing several side effects. Thanks to what is now known as the Thrive Adaptogenics, we didn’t have to take all those pills and eliminated all of the side effects! Also, as a result of consuming the Thrive products, my mother’s health improved greatly during her lifetime. There is no doubt in my mind or my family’s mind that our mother’s quality of life was extended because she consumed bioactives on a daily basis.

Needless to say, Morinda Bioactives has had a huge impact on my life and the lives of loved ones. I am convinced that everyone needs these products daily!

The compensation plan that Morinda offers guarantees 53% return to IPC’s with dynamic compression and NO breakage. Plus, they throw in all sorts of extra bonuses at the company’s expense! Everyone can chose to be a part of this incredible opportunity or can stand back, watch and wish they had!

Morinda Bioactives is such an amazing company. They are very generous and treat their distributors like family. The owners and founders of the company care about the you and are available to be seen close up and personal, WOW! I personally have traveled to many interesting places I would never have dreamed of being able to and shared in the excitement only Morinda Bioactives can produce.

My advice: Never miss an opportunity to attend a function or learn from Morinda Bioactives. Be willing to grow with Morinda Bioactives. Share your story, hang on tight, and be willing to jump out of your comfort zone! I am by nature very shy; but, with the help of my team, I am grasping the amazing business opportunity that Morinda Bioactives offers and am now a huge cheerleader and leader for my team! I love it! Doing the Morinda business is so doable for anyone. You just have to be able to push play, hand someone some reading material or send them to any of the personalized websites the company offers. Coaching and continuing to educate others is readily available for everyone!

Being a part of Morinda Bioactves really is the chance of a lifetime. To be able to make a difference in people’s lives, earn substantial income and in a way “save” lives is incredible! Wow! Thank you Morinda Bioactives!



Shirley Ann Martin-Flowers

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About MeI am a retired disabled veteran who served in the US Army for 26 years. I am also an author and a Bioactivist. I have a dog named Snow who I love very much. I am also a student currently pursuing my Masters Degree to become a licensed professional counselor. I have a huge desire to help people in all aspects of their lives.

My Story

My bioactive story goes back to around 2006 when I first tried Morinda Bioactives’ products. I had had three knee surgeries and was scheduled for a fourth surgery. As a result, I was facing a possible knee replacement. My son Carlos introduced me to the products and my life has never been the same. It actually got better!

I didn’t think my life could get any better; but the FIT Body Composition came on the scene. Over the years, I had had serious bouts with depression and other matters. I had gained well over 40 pounds which caused me to fall into the category of obesity. One morning I decided that I would participate in the FIT Challenge. I made up my mind to come out of the depression, get back into exercise and change my diet. After a long bout I made up mind to change my body, and it all paid off. I won the FIT Challenge for females. I am still in awe of the FIT products and I am loving how my body composition is truly reshaping itself for the better. I see myself now as how I looked when I was in high school. I feel great. Depression has not taken me out of life but it is actually being replaced with FIT, excellent nutrition and phenomenal exercise.

I love this company for how it continues to motivate and encourage individuals to have a healthy and happy lifestyle. Thanks Morinda Bioactives, formerly TNI. You are amazing! . I even had a feature story done by the company that featured some of my success with the FIT products, please read it below. Thank you!

In today’s world, changing your lifestyle is never an easy task. The challenges of stress, life events and health issues are often the dominant themes of a busy lifestyle. For one individual, these themes had become an unfortunate reality.

Shirley Ann Martin-Flowers was going about her days without much reason or purpose. Her life had become stagnant. This upbeat and energetic person suddenly lacked the ambition and optimism that she had always exemplified. Adjusting to retirement after a career of promoting social and family values in the military wasn’t supposed to result in such a downward spiral for this American hero. Unfortunately, the death of her husband a few years prior, combined with lingering health issues, had caused Shirley Ann to fall into a state of depression.

“I didn’t want to do anything about my situation,” she remembers. “I was not myself. I was depressed.” How did it get to this point?

In 1982, Shirley Ann was a vibrant and outgoing 24 year old who had a dream to be a part of the Armed Forces. To serve others on a daily basis was something she longed for. After completing nine weeks of basic training with high marks, Shirley Ann headed to Fort Lee in Virginia. There, she found a new challenge to tackle: Jumping out of an airplane.

“I wanted to do it,” Shirley Ann remembers. “Jumping out of an airplane was by far the coolest part of my military career. You could see everything up there, it was beautiful.”

If becoming a paratrooper wasn’t enough to fulfill her active desires, over the next 20 years Shirley earned a Master’s Degree in Organizational Development, received numerous awards as a 1st Sergeant and was recognized by President George W. Bush for her work with the Army Family Team Building Group.

She was respected, upbeat and alive. A life post-military was something she was very much looking forward to. Unfortunately, life caught up. Shirley Ann experienced health issues and problems with her knees, changes in her finances and the unexpected death of her husband. By the end of 2010, she had hit rock bottom.

“I was remembering my spouse’s death and I didn’t have any family around,” Shirley Ann recounts. “In my life, I always had to be a tough person for somebody else. So, venting to others wasn’t an option. I couldn’t really process everything that was going on.”

With a whirlwind of emotions enveloping her, Shirley couldn’t get out of her emotional funk.

“To help with the depression, I would just eat a lot,” Shirley Ann says. “I would eat junk food and I got really big! I knew I needed to work out, but didn’t do anything about it.”

One day, Shirley Ann looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe how complacent she had become in her life. In a moment of realization, knew she had to make a change to her lifestyle. She had to get FIT.

“At that point, I made up my mind,” Shirley Ann said. “I had to hit the gym and had to start eating healthier. I got rid of fatty foods and started using the FIT products. I finally started to get going with my life. Troy Mitchell challenged me to do the FIT Challenge, and that really motivated me. I told him I was going to beat him and win the whole thing. Because of Troy and the FIT Challenge, my whole mindset changed.”

Her hard work began to pay off. Over the next few months, Shirley Ann dropped 34 pounds of body fat, lost six inches off her waist, and went from a size 16 dress size to a size 8. Her confidence both physically and mentally was making a big comeback.

“People tell me how great I look,” she said. “They see the transformation and can’t believe the progress! The bottom line is, the FIT products work! They give you great results if you are willing to commit to a lifestyle change.”

With this new found confidence in her life, Shirley knew she could win the FIT Challenge and an all-expenses-paid trip to Europe. Nearly 600 online votes from her friends, family and complete strangers helped her reach the final voting; and, after an overwhelming consensus vote from a panel of judges, Shirley Ann added another accomplishment to her life’s resume:

FIT Challenge Champion.

“It is overwhelming,” said Shirley of winning the challenge. “I’m grateful to everyone that supported me. FIT has definitely changed my life mentally, spiritually and physically. There’s no reason for me to ever go back to where I was.”

Today, with plans to publish several books, pursue a second Master’s degree, and share her story with as many people as possible; this 53-year-old grandmother of twelve is on an emotional high and living her life to the fullest.

“I feel good about myself,” she says. “I am motivated and I intend to stay in shape from now on. FIT really brought me back on course with my life. I am FIT for life!”





Rahima Abdullah-Sabir

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About MeI’m very passionate about the youth in our community and teaching them about financial freedom because it will allow them to make better career decisions and become more independent. I work with youth advocate programs, YMCA of south New Jersey. I also help at Philadelphia School District with their administrative/and counseling positions.

My Story

I have been using the Morinda Bioactives’ products since 2007. Prior to using the products, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and with some numbness of my nervous system. I started drinking four to six ounces of Thrive Original per day and I noticed some great results. I felt like my energy level increased, the numbness despaired and my overall health was normalizing again. My recovery time from certain illnesses also seemed to be cut in half! I was diagnosed with pneumonia and a Mercer Staff Infection which put me in the hospital. I continued to drink six ounces of the Thrive Original and eight to ten ounces of our protein shakes. Combined, these products were giving me enough strength to work out with my therapist and get stronger every day. I continued to get stronger and was able to go home from the hospital in just a short amount of time! By the grace of God, and by using our bioactive products, I’ve been able to fully recover and have more than enough energy to live my lifestyle!


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