Say hello to these Fit Complete Pack winners!

A few weeks ago at Fall National we made a proposition: Anyone who had the guts to sign up for the Fit Challenge right then and there in Miami would be entered into a drawing for a free Fit Complete Pack.

A good number of you stepped up, put your name on the rolls, and committed to be a part of the Challenge. And today we’ve got some very nice news for 10 lucky challengers.

Congratulations to our Fit Complete Pack Winners!


DeeDee Fields Audrey Moore
Eloise Gervin Theda Burke
Maria Glover-Morton Donna Telemaque
Karen McKenzie-Alfred Bonnie Whitehead
Tiffany Clifton-Reed Rehan Abdulillaha

The Fit Complete Pack is nice, but of course we all know the biggest prize will be your new healthy bodies powered by the Fit Body Composition System and the Fit Challenge. The Fit Challenge is a unique opportunity to focus your nutrition and exercise, fuse them with our outstanding Fit products, and put your life on a healthier trajectory.

Fit Challenge participants receive expert advice and training from our in-house trainers, plus nutrition tips from certified dietician Jody Whipple. Plus you’ll be entered into monthly drawings, and you have a shot at our grand prize: A Honda Fit!

If you want to transform your life (it’s worth it!), sign up for the Fit Challenge right here.