All you need to know about ILC 2013 registration

All you need to know about ILC 2013 registration


ILC registration begins this Thursday. Are you ready? Got your game-plan for Hawaii? We’ve been talking with IPCs all over the world, and there might be more excitement about ILC 2013 than any other ILC in company history. So are you ready to pull the trigger? The fun starts Thursday, November 1.

On Thursday, November 1, beginning at 6 a.m., Diamond Pearls and above will have exclusive, priority registration access for ILC 2013.

Also special guests who will be recognized at ILC will have the chance to register. These guests were notified by mail.

On Tuesday, November 6, also beginning at 6 a.m., registration will be open to everybody.

Register online at, or call us at 1-800-45-2969.

When planning registration with your organization, please keep these important deadlines in mind:

  • December 31 – 5-pack registration pricing deadline
  • February 15 – Travel visa rejection cancellation deadline (to qualify for a refund, IPCs need to notify Morinda of their visa rejection before this date)
  • March 1 – Registration deadline, hotel cancellation deadline

ILC registration is $200 for early registration (Nov 1-30), and $215 for general registration (Dec. 1-March 1). Newly enrolled IPCs can register for ILC 2013 for just $185 if they register within 60 days of their signup.

If you’re rolling into ILC 2013 with a group, you’ll love our group registration pricing:

  • November 1–30: 5-pack: $925 ($185 per person, save $15 per person) – $15 gift card per person to Bioactivist Store
  • December 1–31: 5-pack: $975  ($195 per person, save $20 per person) – No gift card

Hopefully you have all the information you need for ILC registration when it begins this week. We anticipate a huge response, so be sure to make plans with your upline, and your downline, and secure your spot at ILC 2013. It’s going to be an historic event, and we want you to be there and experience it with us.

Need a stronger endorsement? Click here to see a personal video invitation from John Wadsworth. ILC 2013 will be here sooner than you think. Make the decision today to join us! Hope to see you all at ILC 2013 Hawaii.



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