Morinda creates millionaires

Morinda creates millionaires


At Fall National we had the very special privilege of recognizing two IPCs, Bill Kirtley and Quinton Wiggins, for two exceptional accomplishments. Bill was welcomed into the $5 million club, while Quinton passed the $1 Million barrier. Both are fine examples of an undisputed fact: Morinda creates millionaires.

Bill Kirtley was recognized at Fall National as the newest member of the elite $5 Million club. That means Bill’s total commissions are in excess of $5 Million. His career prior to Morinda Bioactives reads like a recipe for success. He graduated from the U.S. Military Academy, enjoyed prestigious positions in the corporate world, and co-founded a profitable advertising company. Yet Bill was anything but happy or satisfied. “I never had enough time for my family because I was a slave to my job,” he admits. After selling his advertising business, Bill’s interest turned to the network marketing industry.

Click here to read Bill’s story in full on the Morinda People site.

Quinton Wiggins is well on his way to Morinda Superstardom. He recently reached a very significant milestone: $1 Million in total commissions. His membership in the Million Dollar Club is the result of years of dedication. He was first introduced to Morinda by some friends in July of 2001. Quinton trusted his friends, and pushed forward with his Morinda business. In just 30 days, Quinton sold five cases of Thrive Adaptogenics, and started to feel the benefits of Morinda products for himself.

Click here to read Quinton’s story on the Morinda People site.

Bill and Quinton are among over 250 millionaires who got their start at Morinda. Stop and think about that number for a minute: 250 millionaires. You’d be hard pressed to find any other company with a number like that. So why Morinda? Because the products work, and the opportunity is second to none. If you don’t agree, maybe you should have a chat with Bill Kirtley or Quinton Wiggins!

Our sincerest, most heartfelt congratulations go out to Bill Kirtley and Quinton Wiggins. They didn’t reach these spectacular achievements without hard work, commitment and enthusiasm. And today they’re working every day to make sure you will follow in their footsteps.

And there’s no better place to do it than Morinda. Click here to join the Millionaires club



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