All About Fall National – BIG PROMOTIONS

All About Fall National – BIG PROMOTIONS


What a weekend it was in Miami! We had so much fun at Fall National, but you already know that, right? I’m sure you’ve been paying all kinds of attention to the updates on Twitter, Facebook and the myMorinda blog. We did the best we could to post all the highlights, but if you missed anything you can find it all in our Fall National hub:

Nothing will replace the feeling of being in the live audience, but hopefully when you visit you’ll get a sense of the event.

Would you be interested if I could show you how to make $500 by the end of next month? How about $1000? Would you like to WIN one of 100 weekly prizes including a trip to Hawaii? These were just two of the exciting promotions announced that are immediately available for a limited time to EVERYONE!

If you want all the details regarding these promotions and announcements from Fall National, we’re hosting a national Webinar/Conference Call on Wednesday night that will run down the major news from Fall National, plus how it affects your business. Join us this Wednesday, October 24, at 7:00 p.m. MDT. Details can be found on theMorinda Calendar. Also, check your inboxes for region-specific conference calls and Webinars hosted by your regional sales manager.

We enjoyed so much the opportunity to meet with you, face to face, and discuss your needs as Bioactivists. We love your enthusiasm, and we feed off your energy. This year’s Fall National was particularly magical; there’s just something about partying in South Beach that makes us feel so alive!

If you made it to Miami, thank you so much. I hope with all my heart you heard something that inspired you to be a little better. If you weren’t able to join us this time, we’ll see you at ILC 2013!

Please visit for all the details on all the Fall National announcements, and be sure to join us on a Fall National recap Webinar this Wednesday night.

Until next time!