Morinda is upgrading the tools of the trade

Athabasca Falls, Jasper National Park

Athabasca Falls, Jasper National Park (Photo credit: DJorgensen)


Morinda is upgrading the tools of the trade




Every craftsman needs the right tools. And that’s true whether you’re building a house, a bridge, a backyard BBQ, or bioactivism. At Fall National, we made some big announcements about the tools you’ll need to build a better business with Morinda.

First, we’ve reduced the price of business packs from $349 to $299. This is huge, not only for the extra moolah you’ll see in your bank account, but also because the reduced business pack price makes it so much easier to earn the $500 Silver Bonus with the new and improved Growth & Duplication Bonus.

Second, we’re introducing a brand new kit for your Morinda Presentations: The Thrive kit. It includes 30 Thrive Catalogs, 30 order forms, one flip chart and the ever-popular Thrive DVD. Now you have three options for your next Morinda Presentation: Thrive, Fit and Defy

Third, at Fall National we introduced a brand new Standard Opportunity Presentation. Check it out on the Fall National home page! It simply and clearly identifies the reasons why Morinda is the right fit for everyone who needs a boost. We’ll be talking much more about the Standard Opportunity presentation in the future, so stay tuned!

These three announcements, along with the Morinda Presentation Pack price reduction, will ensure you have the right tools for the right job.

What sales tools do you find to be the most effective? We’d love to know what you think in the comments below. Also if you feel this business is for you, you like helping others help themselves, you want to earn an extra $500-$100,000 a month, you want to travel and have your time as your own,  join this company . Leave me a message below and I will contact you.