Home Parties are now Morinda Presentations

Home Parties are now Morinda Presentations


We at Morinda are committed to the Home Party System. We’ve seen some incredible results, and we’ve heard your success stories. So we are working overtime to make sure we offer the very best program for you and your organization.

First, we’d like to announce a small change to the name. Starting now, the Home Party System will now be referred to by its new name: Morinda Presentations. We define “presentation” as an event that has been registered with Morinda, and one that includes at least $150 in sales.

If a Morinda presentation meets the two criteria above, they will also be known as “Qualified Morinda Presentations.”

But a change of name is just the top of the iceburg. We are adding a big list of incentives to the Morinda Presentation System for both hosts and attendees. Here is a brief description of each new incentive.

Multiorder Functionality

We’ve developed a new exciting way to process your Morinda Presentation orders. Multiorder functionality will let you enroll all of your attendees as customers or IPCs (and give them an ID number), enroll in CAS if they so desire, track specific party activity and much more.

Half-Off Item

We’re seriously excited about this one. Anyone who hosts a Morinda Presentation with sales of $150 or more will be able to purchase any Morinda product at 50% off. That’s ANY product. Whatever the item is, we will zero out the QV/CV for that item. Shipping, handling and taxes still apply.

Presentation pricing

All guests and hosts will have access to CAS pricing on all Morinda products, plus take advantage of discounted group shipping rates!

There has never been a better time to host a Morinda Presentation. Get started today!