Earn $500 by the end of next month with the new Growth & Duplication Bonus

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Español: Noni o fruto de la planta Morinda citrifolia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





In the world of direct sales, there are starts, and there are fast starts. We recognize it’s important for any business builder to see success quickly. That’s why we’re offering something truly unique as part of the new Growth & Duplication Bonus: the chance to earn $500 or more, by the end of next month.

All you need to do is follow three steps: 1. Enroll as a business builder and purchase the business pack, 2. Host a Morinda Presentation within your 7 days of beginning your business, and 3. Enroll three IPCs as a business builder with a business pack.

The first step is enroll. Make a commitment as a Morinda Bioactivist, and build a foundation for future success with the Morinda Business Pack. The all-new reduced price of $299 (was $349) should make it easier than ever! The business builder pack will provide you everything you need to be successful as an IPC. Personal Product, Business Kit and training materials, and additional product to share with others.

The second step is host a Morinda Presentation. Take that first critical step in your new business. Host a Morinda Presentation within 7 days of enrolling, to ensure your business gets the jump start it needs. , and continue to cultivate habits of success.

Three: Find three people to enroll on your team, just like you did, as business builder with the new business builder pack. You can only go so far alone. Find three people you trust to walk alongside you, and experience Morinda success together.

If you complete steps 1-3, you will earn $500 next month

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