A Fall National recognition preview

A Fall National recognition preview


Days until Fall National begins in Miami: 5. We’re just one week away! Looks like it’s going to be sunny and warm in Miami… Remember to pack your swimsuit!

Innovative training, big announcements, networking with your fellow bioactivists, and a rooftop party that will blow you away—these are just a few of the many reasons why you should be popping with excitement for Fall National.

As we look forward to another awesome Morinda event, we’d like to take just a few minutes today to preview the recognition portion of Fall National.

As you know, elite recognition has become a staple at Morinda events. Next week in Miami we will have in our midst some of the most successful and motivating leaders our company, and our industry, has ever seen. Helping us in our recognition efforts at Fall National will be career $1 million earners, $5 million earners and $10 million earners. Yes, you read that right: $10 MILLION.

Here are some names (not all, but some) we’ll see in the bright lights at Fall National. Click the images below to read their incredible stories!


Recognizing some of our most accomplished earners and leaders will be a blast, but we know that celebrating the success of our rising stars is just as important.

Before Fall National kicks off, our newest Jades will meet together for Jade Retreat. These inspiring leaders-in-utero will be celebrated for their innovative and rapid business building efforts. Here are two stories from new Jades that will pique your interest.


Lastly, we’re going to make a very special announcement at Fall National about recognition. We’ll be demonstrating a new tool that will completely change the way you think about recognition. We’ll teach you all about it, but of one thing you can be sure: YOU will be the star! But there’s one condition—we need your story! Do it, and at Fall National, you’ll receive a special recognition award that only few will have.

Click here to submit your Morinda success story so you can be part of this exciting recognition tool.

Fall National is going to be off the chain as the brightest and most influential business builders in the country gather together to celebrate the movement of Bioactivism like never before.

We’ll see you in Miami! click here to register