Morinda Bioactives Who We Are

Tahitian Noni - bottles

Tahitian Noni – bottles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Morinda Bioactives


Morinda Bioactives, formerly Tahitian Noni International, has been successfully selling natural plant bioactive products through independent representatives for 16 years. Morinda Bioactives believes in “improving the quality of life for billions of people around the world by solving problems in new ways, and taking on some of the biggest threats to global health today — naturally, safely and with next-generation efficacy.” Morinda Bioactives’ family of products include Thrive Adaptogenics, a line of beverages designed to improve health and longevity without harmful side effects; Fit, a weight loss system that combines bioactive-based products with nutrition and exercise programs; Defy Biotopical Age Intervention System; Shield Biomedicals, a line of home health products; and Tahitian Noni Juice. Morinda Bioactives is based in Provo, Utah.




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