Morinda Bioactives Ranked Number One!

Morinda Bioactives Ranked Number One!

2012-10-04, an independent agency that ranks network marketing companies in different categories, just published something you might find quite interesting. When it comes to growth in public interest, nobody tops Morinda Bioactives. ranked Morinda No. 1 with a growth rate of over 480%.

The rankings measured online search, conversations, and clicks. Over the study period of six months, Morinda Bioactives had more online buzz growth than any other network marketing company in the world.

Click here to see the full rankings.

What does this mean? There’s a lot of interest out there about Morinda, and the opportunity has never been greater.

“I was thrilled when I saw our No. 1 ranking,” said Dan Hillstrom, Managing Director of North America sales. “The world is finally recognizing what we have known forever, that Morinda Bioactives is transforming lives! This ranking further proves, that our message is reaching critical mass, and the best is yet to come.”

The people are buzzing about Morinda. Searches, conversations, sharing, and momentum is at an all-time high! Now is the perfect time to share your Morinda story on Facebook, Twitter, email or in person. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity!

Have you noticed interest in Morinda getting more intense? Tell us your experience in the comments section below!

Join the number company in the world  What are you waiting for? Your health and wealth starts here.


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