Need a Morinda pick me up? Consult the Calendar

Morinda events have an almost magical effect on us. They pick up our spirits, and give us the confidence to try a little harder to make a difference. It’s the result of gathering with fellow bioactivists and being inspired by featured speakers, IPC leaders and corporate representatives.

There are big events and little events. Some are sponsored by Morinda, and others are hosted by you.

Some events you hear about all the time, like Fall National or ILC 2013. Other events are held at the local level, and may fly under the radar a little bit. That’s why we’d like to point your attention today to some of the smaller events happening all over the country over the next few weeks.

9/29 – Vision Retreat Recap: Phoenix, Ariz. Join VP of sales Cim Carver and West regional manager Chris Fowler for a recap of this year’s Vision Retreat, and how Morinda’s platform can benefit you!

10/3 – Fit Training Webinar. This is a nationwide call featuring IPC guests and Laura Kimball, Fit product line manager. Join us live at

10/5-10/6 – Queens Office Anniversary: Queens, NY. The Queens sales office is five years old! Celebrate with us all weekend! Friday night will feature opportunity meetings and presentations, and then come back Saturday for snacks and networking activities.

10/9 – The benefits of Bioactivism: Sacramento, Calif. Chris Fowler is back in action in Northern Californiato discuss why bioactivism is going to change the way we think about health.

English: ESPN College GameDays Chris Fowler (l...

English: ESPN College GameDays Chris Fowler (left) and Desmond Howard (right) doing post-game analysis after a game at Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

10/19 – Jade Retreat. This invitation-only gathering is for the future leaders of Morinda, set against the sizzling backdrop of Miami.

10/19-10/20 – Fall National. It’s North America‘s premier event. This is where we make the big announcements, and get our batteries charged for the fourth quarter.

Find more details about any or all of these events on the myMorinda Calendar page. Also, take a look at the many IPC-sponsored events happening practically every day all over the country. Do you have an event you’d like to put on the calendar? Contact your regional manager!

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