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Marcus Buckingham knows all about Bioactivism. See, as bioactivists we’re concerned with transforming lives; Marcus transforms lives every day through his words, his insights, and his research. It’s only natural that Morinda and Marcus team up in Hawaii for another excellent ILC. Here are 10 things you should know about our special guest.

1. His first book, 1999’s First, Break All The Rules, was an international bestseller and became the manager’s handbook for leaders everywhere. It was named one of “The 100 Best Business Books of All Time”.

2. Marcus created a personal assessment tool called StrengthsFinder that gave millions of individuals a new vocabulary to positively describe their ingrained talents.

3. In 2007, he founded The Marcus Buckingham Company to create tools and training that would help managers and organizations access the untapped potential of their people’s strengths.

4. Marcus has written seven books: First, Break All The Rules; Now, Discover Your strengths; The One Thing You Need To Know; Go Put Your Strengths to Work; The Truth About You; Find Your Strongest Life; StandOut.


Cover of "The One Thing You Need to Know&...

Cover of The One Thing You Need to Know


5. His most recent project, StandOut, is a book and strengths assessment combination. It uses a new method to reveal your top two “Strength Roles.”

6. Marcus regularly contributes content to publications like “The Huffington Post” and “Chief Executive Magazine“. For some examples, try clicking here, here or here.

7. His material, methods and opinions have been mined for stories in outlets like USA Today, CBS, Time Magazine, Success Magazine, BusinessWeek, Forbes, The Today Show and more.

8. Marcus graduated from Cambridge University in England with a master’s degree in Political Science.

9. Marcus’ early career was with the Gallup Organization, where he created and executed extensive surveys to measure different factors that contribute to what he called Employee Engagement. It was those surveys and interviews with hundreds of managers that gave him the material for his first book.

10. Marcus will be your keynote speaker at ILC 2013! Okay, okay, you probably already knew that, but trust us: you don’t want to miss this man!

Be sure to register for ILC 2013 to see Marcus Buckingham. Registration begins November 1. Join us in Hawaii by clicking here Don’t be the one to miss out.



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