Sharing the new Morinda People site

Last week we challenged you to comment on the profiles of those featured in our new Morinda People site. We asked you to share words of encouragement, as well as share and promote these stories through various social media and online channels.

You responded to the challenge in a huge way. Thousands of comments and shares from around the globe were circulated on the internet. Most importantly though, was the motivation and support you gave to your fellow bioactivists.

Today, we want to share with you some of the inspiring comments that were left on different profiles over the past week.

“Thank you for sharing your story! I am a new distributor and I am looking forward to many, wonderful experiences. I love the products and the health benefits that I have experienced since using them. I will continue to use them and share them each day.” –Gail Davis on Kamal Harris’ Profile

“Your story just reconfirms what I have my hands on… A true business!” –Eloise Gervin on Quinton Wiggins’ Profile

“Thank you Lynette! I read your story about Max and am happy to say that Max has done great things for me too. But, when you shared your experiences with the FIT products and program, I was more encouraged than ever before to press on. Thank you for sharing it with me.” –Gwen Gilbert on Lynette Farlow’s Profile

“Pure Inspiration.” –Laura Wright on Tiffany Heugly’s Profile

“What a great story Margie! I am a true Morinda Bioactivist and can’t wait to get started with my own business soon!” –Frances Tune on Margie Setterloff’s profile

Finally, as part of this sharing campaign, we gave away a case of Max to one individual who commented and shared these profiles with the masses. Today, we are happy to announce the winner is Gloria Briseno from Crystal City, Texas. Thank you Gloria!

We encourage everyone to visit the Morinda People website and experience the motivating stories and to share your own success with us. To share your story click here.

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