Two bioactivists win big at London Paralympic Games

Anders Olsson and Anna Harkowska are athletes, Paralympic Champions and bioactivists. They represent a class of athlete who understands the real benefits of bioactives. They make bioactives an important part of their training, and both athletes have found success at the 2012 London Paralympic Games.

Anders Olsson: A Bioactive Water Rocket

Anders Olsson is one of the most impressive athletes in Sweden, and he is a passionate spokesperson for Morinda Bioactives. In fact, bioactives just powered Anders to a Silver Medal in the 400 meter freestyle swimming event!

After a year filled with injures and surgeries, Anders was in a dark place. He started to realize that taking part in the Paralympics would soon prove to be impossible. Anders even called us saying he was sorry for not being able to represent Morinda, and that he wouldn’t have the chance to earn another medal.

But here’s one thing you need to know about Anders: He’s got an iron will. With pure dedication, and lots and lots of Thrive Max, Anders contacted us again a few weeks before London and told us that the body felt much better, and that he would in fact compete. Anders went to London for the Paralympic Games, and he fulfilled a lifelong dream: He brought a Silver Medal home to his home country of Sweden.

From everyone at Morinda, worldwide, we’d like to wish Anders a very sincere congratulations for his accomplishment.

Anna Harkowska: Burning rubber with bioactives

It didn’t take long for Anna Harkowska. On the very first day of the 2012 Paralympic Games in London, Harkowska, a Morinda spokesperson and avid bioactivist from Poland, won a silver medal in Women’s Individual C5 Pursuit Cycling.

Have you ever seen a C5 Pursuit Cycling event? Trust us: It’s intense. It takes supreme focus, incredibly tough training and a little bit of an edge. Anna has all those things, and she added the power of bioactives. The combination earned her a Silver Medal, and has springboarded her into a new passion for the sport.

“I’m convinced that Extra plays an important role in my life and career,” Anna told us recently. And that silver medal hanging around her neck is proof!

We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Anna on this great achievement!

Anna and Anders are courageous athletes who have made bioactives a part of their lives. But Morinda Bioactives are for everybody! Tell us your story of health success in the comments below, or better yet fill out your own profile on!

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