Morinda’s got science and validation

If you’re interested at all in the science behind Morinda products, you probably already know how awesome last week was. It started with an international symposium dedicated to the advancement of iridoid research, then we learned later that Morinda won an award for the best product launch of 2012.

How will can we top a week like that? Well, we can only do it with your help! But first a quick recap.


On Tuesday, August 21, we at the Morinda headquarters were pleased to host the third annual International Iridoid Research Symposium. Dozens of researcher scientists gathered from the four corners of the earth to discuss the benefits and effects of iridoids. It was an all-day event that featured noted and brilliant scholars from the US, Germany, China, India and South Korea, to name a few. It was an amazing day!

Research professors, toxicologists, chemists, biologists and more talked extensively about iridoids’ many effects in the body. Presenters mentioned brain function, nervous system and liver capacity as just a few examples of areas in which iridoids can have a positive effect. Hard research showed anti-inflammatory effects, better digestion, decreased recovery time and increased energy as well.

John Wadsworth, our president, summed it up nicely: “We know a lot about iridoids, but there is so much more to learn. That’s why you’re here today. We want the world to know how special Bioactives and Iridoids truly are.”

Click here to see a full report of the Third International Iridoid Research Symposium.

On Wednesday, August 22, we received some very good news about Max. The International Business Awards gave Morinda a Bronze Stevie award for Max, calling it the Product of the Year.

The 2012 IBAs received more than 3,200 award entries from over 50 nations and territories. An expert panel screened products from organizations of all sizes, and in virtually every industry. And at the end of the day, Morinda and Max stood a little taller than the rest.

Click here to see more about this award.

The awards, the recognition, none of it could be possible without science. We asked our Facebook fans for their thoughts on the science behind bioactives, and we loved this comment from Jeremiah Charles.

Science, Jeremiah said, “gives people the ‘why’ to the ‘what.’ It not only adds credibility to those who have not yet heard of [our products] but it also helps the developers of these products target more effective ways to develop new products on this platform. If you can track and measure results using scientific method, you can assure people of its continued success and the future success of new products.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

So what’s our next move? It’s all up to you. We’ve given you the science, the professional validation and the tools you need to share Max with your world. Now I’m asking you to open your doors, step outside, and talk to everyone you can about the amazing products available from Morinda Bioactives. Host a home party. Invite someone you know to try Max. Sign up for the Fit Challenge with a friend. There are so many things you can do right now!

In the words of John Wadsworth, during his welcome message at the IIRS, “You are a part of something great. The world needs this, and we’re doing our part to deliver it to the world.”

And we need you to do your part too!


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