Fall National Early Registration is over! (Or is it?!)

It not to later to register!


Fall National registration has been open for about an hour and guess what? The first 250 spots are GONE! Remember all those early registration perks and incentives? They were gobbled up in record time. Obviously we’re super excited about the response, but we feel a little sad for those who didn’t get to call in and register fast enough. So guess what? We’re extending ALL the benefits!

Yup. The board shorts, the low registration price, the VIP seating… we’re extending all the early registration benefits until Saturday, August 4, at noon Mountain time. Everyone who registers before that time will get all the early registration goodies we’ve been talking about for the last few weeks.

Why are we doing this? Simply put, you guys are the best! We wouldn’t go forward with this big extension without the huge response we received in just one hour. We never thought the first 250 spots would go so fast!


We hope you will pass this great news on to everyone in your organization who would like to join us in Miami. Spread the word! Because when Bioactivism comes to South Beach, we’re bringing with us a party you definitely won’t want to miss!