Aloha From ILC 2013

Aloha from ILC 2013!


It’s been so much fun reliving the grand experience of Vision Retreat 2012 in Rome. But now our eyes are focused on the future, and ILC 2013 in Hawaii. In the coming weeks, be on the lookout for an extensive ILC 2013 preview, detailing the many reasons why you need to make it to The Aloha State.

Today we’re all about the location: Beautiful Hawaii.

In 2013 the ILC experience will be unlike anything you’ve ever felt at Morinda. It’s our first time bringing an International Leadership Conference to the islands, and we can’t tell you how excited we are about it. There’s something special that happens when you are encircled in the spirit of Aloha.

But you know what they say: A picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look at this video postcard of Hawaii, and then pull out your planner. Because you’re gonna want to block out the week of April 10, 2013. You’ll be in Hawaii!

Stay tuned to over the coming weeks. We’ll be counting down the many reasons to attend ILC 2013 until registration opens in November. Next week: ILC 2013’s keynote speaker Marcus Buckingham.  Join the company of health and wellness, health without harm. 3.9 million people and growing.