Iridoids can change the face of health as we know it

By: John Wadsworth Founder of Morinda Bioactives

I have, what most would consider, a grand vision for this company. Since 1996, when Morinda first opened its doors for business, I knew we were destined for something great. That feeling, that impression, hasn’t diminished in the 16 years we’ve been in business. In fact, it has only grown stronger.

When I pull up to our building every morning I gaze up at our impressive building. Have you seen it before? It’s a beautiful, magnificent structure. I see dozens of people on the way to my office. Each one has a hand in the day-to-day operations of Morinda, and I love each one of them. When I’m not working here in the office, I’m on the road, meeting with you, our IPCs. When I look into your eyes I see a passionate group dedicated to improving your own lives, and the lives of others.

But Morinda, to me, is much more than structures, employees, paychecks or even products. Morinda, to me, is the future of health and wellness.

Is that a grand enough vision for you?

Let me tell you a little story. One day, in 1896, a young man named Fritz Hoffmann-La Roche decided, against his family’s wishes, that he would dedicate his life to pharmaceuticals. He believed branded pharmaceuticals were the future in a relatively young, but lucrative, field: health and wellness.

Hoffmann-La Roche was a talented, charismatic young man, and he believed deeply in his work. And soon enough he started to find success. His brand of cough syrups, heart health elixers and painkillers turned out to be quite popular among the health conscious.

In the years that followed, he experienced times of growth, and times of recession. Some products were hits, some were misses. Hoffmann-La Roche died in 1920, but his company of the same name forged ahead.

Then, in 1936, Hoffmann-La Roche changed the world. That year, they introduced a synthetic vitamin to the marketplace. They called it Redoxon, but we know it today as Vitamin C.

That’s right. Hoffmann-La Roche was the first company to introduce mass-produced bulk vitamins to the marketplace. After their Vitamin C launch, Hoffmann-La Roche experienced even more success with Vitamin A and Vitamin E. In 1971 the company enjoyed between 50 and 70 percent of the world market for vitamins, and production continued to grow.

Today Hoffmann-LaRoche is a leading health innovation company with revenues in excess of $49 billion annually.

Before Hoffmann-LaRoche, nobody knew about synthetic bulk vitamins. Now, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamins E, K, B and so on are commonplace. And Hoffman-La Roche was the first to bring those important supplements to the market.

Whenever anybody asks me about my vision of Morinda, I tell them that story.

Just as Hoffmann-La Roche was the only company in 1936 to offer synthetic vitamins, Morinda Bioactives is the only company on earth today that provides a measured amount of iridoids in our products. What does that mean? It means we can and will change the world just like Fritz Hoffman-La Roche did.

I believe bioactives and iridoids are the future of health and wellness. I believe that in the future we as a people will hold iridoids in the same regard as Vitamin C, Vitamin A and other common supplements. I believe there is much to learn in the world of health and wellness, and I believe Morinda Bioactives is on the forefront of the movement toward that greater knowledge.

That’s my vision for Morinda Bioactives. That is bioactivism. And now I just have one question: are you a bioactivist? My answer is Yes.

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