I am a Bioactivist: Alfina Hopkins-Wasnuk

About Me

I’m a widow and a mother of two, fine young men. I am retired from the U.S. Army and attended Texas A&M as a Business and Finance/Accounting major. My sons and I own Alfina’s Place, Inc; a designer fashion, bath and body business. Oh, and did I mention, we are Bioactivists!

My Story

In 2010, my friend, Lillie Nelson, introduced me to the products after I had been released from the hospital. I had sustained a heart attack and a stroke due to the serious injuries I had suffered to my back from military service. At the time I was not able walk or bend over to do the simplest things It was difficult to even tie my own shoes. My vision was also adversely affected and at the time, I was having to take 63 prescription pills. Unfortunately, they were not helping at all.

Taking Morinda Bioactives has given me my life back. By using these products as well as continuing to live a healthier lifestyle, I’ve noticed a decrease in my back and heart problems. My headaches and my eyesight haven’t caused me as much stress as before. This was all happening while I was drinking the Thrive Family and the Thrive Original. But, when the Max was introduced in April of 2012, I was so excited to see how my health would improve even further. My conditions improved even more than before when using Max and my energy levels really had no measure! Most importantly, by using Max and changing my lifestyle habits, my doctor says I am not required to take any more pills for the moment. Thank you Morinda Bioactives.

Since I gave my report to Morinda Bioactives, almost 3 months now, it has been nothing but a gift from God how well these products work. I feel so blessed that I am alive after all I have been through.

Many people around the globe take simple movement for granted, I was one who did. However, after having a heart attack and stroke. it has changed how I think. When you can not bend over to tie a shoe or lift a arm or leg you start to feel helpless. Especially if no one is around to give you any help, or those that are near could care less. I  don’t know how many of you believe in God but, my faith has been renewed. God has sent Lillie Nelson in my path when I needed her the most. I did not know this woman and had not ever spoken to her before. However, she helped me save myself from all the harm that the  prescription drugs were doing to me.  I was given meds for me heart, cholesterol, back pain, nerve damage, sight damage, and vitamins. As stated above 63 pills a day every day. My doctor gave me 3 different pills just for blood pressure, 3 for my back and that is after 5 back surgeries. I was allergic to some some i was get new meds to counter act the first set. Then give get more meds for new problems the meds would bring on. I felt like a walking pharmacy with a capital P. And through all this I just stayed sick and depressed.

I had know life, it was worst than any thing I can remember. So now that my health is getting better day by day, I give all the praise to God and Lillie Nelson who show me there is a better way to care for oneself.  No more medication just all natural products from here on out. If you want to change your life and get away from all the prescription drugs that in some cases can kill you, contact me and learn about Morinda Bioactives, it changed my life. It can change yours as well. The first step is yours. How much is your health really worth?