Two articles to boost your bioactivism

Two articles to boost your bioactivism

2012-07-26 by: Morinda Bioactives

As a Bioactivist, you need to be armed with the very best information available relating to health without harm. There are real problems in the world, and bioactives are the solution to many of them. Take a moment to read these two articles, and find out how Morinda Bioactives can help you live a healthier life.

Click the links below to take a look at two very interesting articles.

1. Soy Consumption Assiciated with a Decreased Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence.

Summary: Since soy isoflavones are similar to estrogen, there have been concerns that soy can potentially promote breast cancer recurrence and possibly blunt the effects of the estrogen blocking drug tamoxifen. A major study conducted in more than 5,000 Chinese breast cancer survivors found that high soy consumption was in fact associated with a reduced risk of breast cancer recurrence and overall mortality regardless of whether they took tamoxifen or whether their breast cancer was estrogen receptor-positive or negative. These findings should help reassure women who have had breast cancer that soy intake is safe and even beneficial.

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2. Vitamin K2 in Certain Meats and Other Foods Suppress Angiogenesis and are Linked to Lower Rate of Certain Cancers.

Summary: Vitamin K2 occurs naturally in meats and dairy products as well as fermented soy. Vitamin K2 has been shown to inhibit tumor blood vessel growth (angiogenesis). A major dietary study conducted in Europe found that people who consumed the most vitamin K from meat and dariy products had a significantly reduced risk of lung cancer and prostate cancer.

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