Plants are vital to our lives and livelihood. We owe our health, our strength, heck, our entire existence to plants. But plants come in countless shapes, sizes and varieties. What is the difference, for example, between a food plant and a medicinal plant?

You may not know it now, but that question is critical to your ability to tell the story of Morinda Bioactives effectively. Before you become a bioactivist, you need to know that there is, in fact, a huge difference between food plants and medicinal plants. And you need to know Tahitian Noni stands alone as the supreme medicinal plant.

Food Plants
Chances are you see food plants every single day. When you walk into a restaurant, visit a grocery store, stop at a farmer’s market or even take a stroll in your own back yard.

Food plants are the plants that sustain human life: oranges, bananas, mangos, carrots, broccoli, and so on. These plants are widely available. Everyone knows where they can get their hands on an orange, right? Not only are they common, they contain all sorts of beneficial vitamins and minerals.

Food plants are great at keeping our bodies running strong, but they do little to actually improve health. For that we need something beyond a common food plant.

Medicinal Plants
Fortunately there are more options for an increasingly health-conscious society like ours. Usually growing in pristine, untouched environments, one can sometimes find a rare plant that can actually improve one’s health.
We call these little miracles Medicinal Plants. Unlike food plants, medicinal plants do much more than simply sustain life. Medicinal plants actually improve health. They are used to restore physical and chemical balance in our bodies, and in some cases have been used and treasured for thousands of years.

Medicinal plants are less common than food plants, but exponentially more potent. Medicinal plants contain bioactives–biologically active compounds or substances proven to positively impact chemical processes in the body. These bioactives are safe, stable and adaptogenic, meaning their effects are non-specific, and they respond to each individual body’s needs.

Morinda Bioactives
When it comes to medicinal plants, none in the world are quite like Morinda Bioactives. Grown and harvested in the rich, fertile soils of French Polynesia, noni is one medicinal plant that was preserved for thousands of years, and is now starting to fill the earth.

Ask anyone who drinks Morinda Bioactives. They’ll tell you it absolutely has a positive effect on their bodies. But Morinda Bioactives are built on more than anecdotal evidence. We have real science backing our products. Noni research includes dozens of clinical trials, hundreds of studies, published articles, state-of-the-art development and a worldwide coalition of dedicated scientists.

Morinda is the unquestioned leader in bioactives and bioactive research. No one knows medicinal plants better than us, and we’ll make sure it stays that way.

So the next time you tell the story of Morinda Bioactives, make sure you know the difference between food plants and medicinal plants, as well as the important role of Morinda Bioactives. Hopefully now you know, if you didn’t already, that Morinda Bioactives is poised and ready to lead the bioactivist revolution.



Food plants vs. Medicinal plants