Bioactives, Bioactivists and Bioactivism

There is a health crisis in the world today. Disease and death, caused by physical and chemical imbalances in our bodies, are taking their toll on an exhausted people. Everyone in the world, whether they know it or not, cries out for a natural, effective solution. They’re searching for bioactivism.

Bioactivism is a cause championed by Morinda Bioactives. We are the pioneers of the bioactive industry, and we have an army of willing, enthusiastic and potent bioactivists sharing the message that we will not accept business as usual when it comes to our health.

But in order for you to be effective agents of this cause, you need to know the message you’ll be sharing. Today, in this blog post, we’d like to discuss three important words: Bioactives, Bioactivists and Bioactivism.


Pop quiz: What is a bioactive? Think about it for a moment. Have you ever been asked that question before? Do you have a good answer?

The definition of a bioactive, in case you’re curious, is “A natural compound that has biological activity in the body.” Bioactives are the building blocks upon which Morinda Bioactives has built its business. Through the most powerful bioactive vehicle in the world, the noni fruit, we have had tremendous success sharing this naturally-occurring compound with millions worldwide. Those millions noticed a real, beneficial difference in their health after consuming Tahitian Noni Bioactives. For that reason testimonials of noni’s effects pour into our offices every single day.

These testimonials, coupled with thousands of peer-reviewed, scientific studies, are proof of bioactives’ positive effects in our bodies. In other words, bioactives work. We know it, we’ve studied it, and we’ve seen it for ourselves.


Every cause needs an advocate. The most powerful agencies and ideas in the world are worthless without a group of people dedicated to its success. The same goes for bioactives. Bioactives may be the most important compound in the world, but without a voice they are nothing.

Bioactivists are people who actively use, share and advocate bioactives. Bioactivists give a voice to the bioactive cause.

Bioactivists understand that bioactives are pretty darn important. Mostly because they’ve seen bioactives at work in their own lives.

Bioactivists live by a simple credo: Use it, share it, build it. They consume bioactives every day, they take every opportunity to share their experiences, and they teach others to do the same.

Bioactivists love to gather together. They talk about victories, struggles, strategies, health and wealth. They consume information like it was water in the middle of a long, dry desert.

You are a bioactivist.


So what do we call this group of bioactivists? What do we call this cause? This huge network of bioactivists, working together to shift today’s market toward bioactives, is called Bioactivism.

When it comes to being a bioactivist, you are not alone. You have partners all over the world who believe, just as you do, that bioactives can change lives. Bioactivism is the common thread that runs through every bioactivist’s business all over the world. It’s bioactivism, the drive to put bioactives in the hands of everyone, everywhere, every day, that motivates us to work a little harder, do a little more, than we did the day before.

If you believe in a different way to approach health in wellness, if you believe the current model of modified chemicals and processed foods isn’t working, you believe in bioactivism.

Bioactives. Bioactivists. Bioactivism. These three words make up the foundation of the future of Morinda Bioactives. That’s where our focus is. We’re dedicated to improving health without causing harm. We want everyone to live in younger, healthier bodies.

And we need your help.

Will you join the cause of bioactivism? What do you think about our company’s direction? We would love to read your comments below.