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On July 4th 2007 I suffered a major disk location shift in my back which caused me to have a heart attack and stroke. What I later learn that my blood pressure was so high just from the pain, that I should have died. However, with my fear of early death I fought to live. Now for the next 2 and 1/2 years I was taking 63 pills a day for my heart, cholesterol, back pain and other health problems. Now it’s January 2010 and I meet Lillie Nelson who introduce me to something call Tahitian Noni and ask if I ever heard of it, I said no, what is it? She told me it was bioactive beverage that was made from Morinda citrifolia

Any way Lillie sent me a bottle from the family group which was grape and mango. So I drink it all at 1 to 2 ounces a day for 60 days on day 61 I asked how can I buy this , I am regulated and my back pain is not so pronounced any more. So I signed up with her on day 70. I continued to take the family pack but, added the original Noni beverage along with the Nature Born pills. What I found out was that my cholesterol started dropping along with my weight, for which I always had a hard time with even in the military. It was time for my first appointment with the VA after about 8 months just to see how I was doing. To my surprise I had lost almost 75 lbs and my cholesterol was back to normal. As for my blood pressure it was all over the place. The problem was, that the beverage and the Nature Born pill was doing what the blood pressure pills was suppose to be doing and since I was taking them both at the same time, my pressure was to low. So my doctor ask me what I was taking so I showed her and well she had it tested.  Since I was taking all of the Noni product 3 and 4 times a day for the last 2 years I was getting better and stronger.

What people tend to take for granted is something so simple as tiding your shoes or just bending over to put on a pair of pants. Once  I was able to do this little thing I brought a cane and started walking first just on my block as I regain my strength I added 2 the 3 blocks Everything seem so slow at first but as time went on I was able to move faster and faster. Now my doctor call me,  she said  I need you to take your medications but instead of 2 times a day lets drop to 1 time a day. and come in, in 2 weeks. So in 2 weeks I went back only for her to take me for of all my meds except a aspirin a day. As of today i take no medication what so ever. I most give my thaks to God and Lillie Nelson because, if she had not reached out to me I really do believe I would be dead.

This past April I went to my first Tahitian Noni conference and met almost 700 doctors from around the world along with another 100,000 people from just about every country on the planet. i new this was big however, I had know idea how big. They had announced they were changing the name back to Morinda Bioactives and that there was a new and better product watch the Video

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